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GFG 4'' Scented White Paddle Tail Lures (6 pack)

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Find that lure your looking for, all in one. Our lures are specifically designed to be durable, but at the same time have an extraordinary action. Making this the finest designed lure,  guaranteed to improve your game. This versatile lure has been tested on all your favorite species, redfish, snook , trout, Spanish  mackerel, striped bass, tuna, mahi, and countless other Salt and freshwater species. With the thicker body profile and the heavily scented irresistible lure combined with the design of a great action, this lure is sure to fool that one you've been looking for. Used by anglers around the globe to catch countless species of big trophy game fish. Invest in quality and success. All lures are Proudly made in the USA. Fish Global Fishing Gear.